Hunan Mengtu Travel Technology Co.,LTD integrates over 100,000 hotels around the world and offers comprehensive information for outbound tourism through our distribution platform. With Mengtu's self-developed API, we can easily get to over 300,000 foreign hotel stocks from other global hotel wholesalers.
Hunan Mengtu Travel Technology Co.,LTD is an Internet company established in 2014 focusing on high-end hotels globally. Based on our IT and operation skill advantages, we can reach over 300,000 high-end hotel resources all around the world. We signed direct purchase contract with 6000 hotels and cooperate with hundreds of OTAs, travel agencies and local travel agencies. We also developed our own e-booking system to offer our clients including peer companies, group client, travel agencies,portal with an easy, high-efficient way to get to global hotels and other travel products.

Four Features